How to run a more profitable commercial or institutional kitchen

Get your kitchen up and running fast with factory authorized specialized service -- when you need it most
Whether you schedule a repair or need it done yesterday, one call does it all. We offer both scheduled service and 24/7 emergency repair. With a team of three service technicians and $45,000 worth of parts in stock, you can count on a fast, worry-free fix. That's why commercial kitchens in Grey and Bruce counties have relied on us for more than 20 years.

You get factory-authorized service for dozens of manufacturers, including Garland, Bunn-O-Matic, Amana, Henny Penny, and Moyer Diebel.

Count on professional appliance installation... and bake a pie the minute we leave
We've had our share of jobs where we're called in to fix installations done by inexperienced technicians. But we'd rather not. Call us first, and you'll get it done right the first time.

We've been installing gas and electrical appliances for restaurants, institutions, households -- and even lake freighters -- since 1981. We specialize in gas appliances, and when you call us, you get the confidence of having a certified TSSA gas contractor, licensed gas fitter, and certified appliance service technician working on your equipment.

Here's what you can expect. We'll un-crate the appliance, spec it out, consult on its location, supervise additional subcontractors if necessary, coordinate the installation, and give you a demonstration. When we pack up to leave, you'll be able to start using your appliance immediately.

Planning a new kitchen?
Here's how to make it efficient, effective, and something you and your staff will appreciate for years

A well-designed kitchen saves you expense down the road, helps your staff do their best, and quite simply, runs more smoothly. But planning a commercial kitchen involves a lot more than choosing appliances and installing them. What complementary appliances should you have, and where should they be situated? How can kitchen ergonomics improve your workplace? What's the most effective layout? Use our years of experience in planning and building efficient kitchens to make sure you do it right from the get-go.

Keep your commercial kitchen running with these top tips

Protect your equipment
When scale builds up in your equipment that uses water, you're hit with higher energy costs and poor operation. Eventually, this will cause components to burn out prematurely -- costing you much more in repairs and downtime. Avoid this with simple regular maintenance of your water filtration and treatment systems. This will keep your steamers, coffee machines, dishwashers, and even steam tables operating like new. We'll make it easy for you. Let us tailor a maintenance schedule to your operation and equipment. Then we'll send a friendly reminder when you need new filters or descaling -- to make sure your appliances are always in top shape.

Reduce the risk of fire
Have your exhaust hood steam-cleaned on a regular basis. Call your fire/safety contractor to have the fire extingisher system inspected and serviced often.

Never install coffee machines on softened water
While it reduces mineral deposits, it causes major brew problems. Symptoms of "soft water" coffee may include excessive brew times, grounds in coffee, foam in coffee pot, poor quality taste. Special filters are available to reduce scaling, while allowing hard water to be used to make "good coffee".

Stop breakdowns before they happen
Don't wait to "get that squeaky wheel oiled". A weekend breakdown can be costly in lost sales. Most equipment gives hints of breakdown. Take action early!

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